Student Athlete Commitment

Rock National Team players need to a exhibit a strong commitment to being a student-athlete, worthy of being considered as a recruit at a top tier NCAA DI, DII, or DIII program. Being a multi-sport athlete is a plus. The Rock Nation Team schedule is aligned to allow athletes that play fall and winter sports to participate in the national team platform. Commitment to academics is a must, as being recruited at the NCAA level requires the student athlete carry a GPA that is admissible. 


Schedule Commitment

National team players must commit fully to the national team schedule, albeit for conflicts with in-season sports or high school lacrosse team activities. Players should be prepared not to miss any time in the summer, and schedule summer vacations after our last event on July 17, 2022. 


Weight Room Commitment

National team players must remain fully engaged in a speed strength and agility program. Coach Manning can deliver a program to each player that can be managed locally or remote. If a player is executing their own program with their own trainer, Coach Manning will schedule regular check-ins on progress. 


Individual Training Commitment

National Team Players must commitment to an ongoing regimen on individual lacrosse skills training, through a personal instructor or trainer referred by the national team staff. National team coaches will align regular check-in on rigor with your individual training.